Good Mileage Report

I live in Nashville TN and last Friday afternoon (29-May-2015) I decided to take a couple of days to travel theĀ Natchez Trace. The Natchez Trace is a National Park that begins in Nashville and ends in Natchez MS. It’s 442 miles each way; the speed limit is mostly 50 mph but it slows to 40 mph in construction zones and around Tupelo and another town or two. I didn’t speed much; only one or two miles per hour occasionally and I mostly used the cruise.

Friday night, I left Nashville about 6:30PM. I had filled up earlier that afternoon and reset the Fuel Economy guage (vacuum guage?) when I filled up. The fill-up was about 15 miles from the beginning of the Trace. On the way to the beginning of the Trace, I got suck in a traffic jam and I was slowed down by rush hour traffic. I think my mileage would have been better if I had reset the Fuel Economy screen again when I got on the Trace.

I know the TH is not an economy car. I have taken it to Windrock a couple of times to enjoy the other features of the vehicle. But all things considered, I was surprised by the mileage I got on my three day trip.


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