Fall Creek Falls State Park – Spencer TN

Only spent two nights at Fall Creek Falls State Park – March 17th and 18th. FCF is one of my favorite state parks. Before I’ve stayed in the Inn and a cabin. This was Snoopy’s first visit.

Before you waste time reading this, understand I have waited too long to write-up the trip. But I wasn’t without goals: 1) I wanted to see if two adults and a cat could travel in a small travel trailer, 2) I wanted to learn how to use a new camera, and 3) I wanted to keep up my exercise program. I failed at number 3.

This is the first trip with the new camera. It’s a Nikon DM3400 and though I’ve used this model before, I was blown away with all the new electronics. There are so many settings that I think there is going to be a steep learning curve but the automatic settings will do for basic work. I bought the camera because the cell phone was just not good enough. 

Fall Creek Falls

Though I didn’t take the trail to the bottom of the falls, there were some good shots from the top. I was told that during the drought a few months ago there was hardly any water coming over the falls.

Fall Creek Falls from the lookout point.

Cane Creek Gulf

From the information sign, one learns that overlook above was named for Dr. Glen Millikan, a Vanderbilt physiologist. The good doctor died in a fall here in May 1947.

I was facing a birthday soon and couldn’t help but notice that he died in 1947 and I was born in 1947.  

Piney Creek Falls

For this shot, I did walk to a better overlook. 


The Republican governor is trying to outsource Fall Creek Falls to private operators. If this is done, the big losers will be the citizens of Tennessee and the state employees. The winners will be private industry. To add insult to injury, he wants to tear down the current facility and give his buddies in private industry a shiny new facility and charge it to the taxpayers. This is wrong on a number of levels.

For now, the effort has been put on hold but one can expect that it will return. For more information …

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