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When I picked up Snoopy in December, I promised myself I would use it frequently and start an adventure. Each month, I have tried to keep that promise. Even though this was a mild winter, it was hard to find breaks in the weather to take a trip. To add another complication, doctor’s appointments and other matters kept breaking up the opportunities. 

But as luck would have it, a tremendous opportunity came my way: I’m going to attempt to climb Mt. Whitney. This started in December when a friend asked me if we could get the required permits would I be interested. Of course I would. The park service controls the number of people who are allowed on the mountain at any one time through a permit system. The permits are issued via a lottery. We applied and were able to get a permit for three days, August 29 – 31, one of the the most desirable times.

There will be three of us on the climb. We will meet in CA on the Friday before the climb and hike some of the other mountains. The campground reservations have been made. I am planning to leave Nashville around the 14th for a swing through the northwest before dipping down to the campground for the climb. No details at this time for the trip through the northwest or the trip back.

Other preparations are underway: as part of my training, I’m walking the half marathon on April 29th; after the half marathon, I’ll start hiking some trails in Tennessee with a backpack. 

If you want more information about the hike or some photos of the trails, take a look at the links below.

Detailed information on the hike.
Photos of the trail.

Isn’t retirement wonderful?!!! I’m looking forward to getting some great photos and having some interesting reports from the road.

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