A Moral Delimma

Last night I needed gas. I planned to stop at Kroger and use my points. When I got in the turning lane to make my exit I almost rear-ended a vehicle who was there without any lights on. I went down to the next exit.

When I pulled up to the pump, the vehicle that had been in the turn lane pulled up to the pump next to me. He leaned out of his vehicle and asked me to pump his gas for him because he couldn’t walk. He had a oxygen tube in his nose and a pack of Marlboro on his dash.¬†

Instead of pumping his gas, I asked the attendant to help him and she did. After he left, I talked to the attendant about him. She knew him well.

Seems he had a wife in the hospital and obviously he had a number of health problems himself. Based on his behavior, he should not have been driving. The moral dilemma: for his own safety and the safety of others he should not have been driving. Should I have told him or authorities about the danger or let it go?

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  1. Richard says:

    I hope when I grow up I can be more like you and handle situations like you have, very observant and never lost your cool.
    If the guy cannot walk, someone had to help him into the vehicle, possibly they should be driving. Regardless I would have had to tell him that he needs to turn his lights on that someone is going to ass-end him causing problems for both parties.

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