Annual Trip to Chilhowee

I have a group of friends that go back a few years. For some those friendships began in elementary school. Others are newer: they didn’t begin until high school. The point is they have endured.

Ann Patchett in The Patron Saint of Liars says that “all relationships end.” She goes on to say some end at death but many don’t last that long. I expect these relationships will continue.

For several years, the Woodheads, as the group is affectionately known, gather at Chilhowee Campground in the Cherokee National Forest for a renewal. Attendance is fluid. This year the group included a new member: one of our high school teachers, and a visitor, Oreo. 

The 2017 Woodies Gathering in Cherokee National Forest.

As always, the conversations were lively and opinionated. Though we are different, we are also tolerant of those differences. We even learn from each other.

I hope each of you are lucky enough to have your own group. Your network is your sounding board and your support network. I hope they are always there.

The Next Chapter

The first of March, the next chapter will begin. A trip to Fiery Gizzard for a hike.

2 Responses to “Annual Trip to Chilhowee”

  1. Edard says:

    Good looking group (for a Medicare supplement add). So fortunate to have you guys with me for the Journey. These gatherings in the hills of my birth state are so refreshing and rejuvenating. The conversations endless and so much fun. Such a delicious feast for the Soul. Can’t wait for the next gathering of the Woodheads!!

  2. Edard says:

    It is not polite to confuse the simple.

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