Mt Whitney – Looking Back

I have been very slow getting this post out. I apologize. Soon it will be Spring and thus time to travel again. I have one other trip to tell you about but it is short and sweet. Then I will start looking forward again. I don’t have any definite plans this year but I have a couple of things in mind. If you have a destination suggestion, please share.

From Another Camera

My hiking mate and I both had cameras and he too shot photos of our week at Mt Whitney. I wanted to share some of those photos and some other comments about the experience.

The nearest town to Mt Whitney Portal/Campground is Lone Pine. Lone Pine has several restaurants, motels, a hardware store, a couple of hiking stores and a shoe repair shop that also fixes backpacks in emergencies; that’s a another story.

The road from Lone Pine to the Campground is approximately thirteen (13) miles. Just outside of town are some fantastic rock formations known as the Alabama Hills. Hollywood discovered the Alabama Hills about one hundred years ago as a location for filming the westerns I loved as a kid. A popular attraction in Lone Pine is the Lone Pine Movie History Museum. 

The Alabama Hills

The Campground

The thirteen miles to the Campground were crooked and steep. The Jeep pulled the trailer okay but I noticed some straining. Probably tuned for higher altitudes would improve performance but then again, I’m not doing this often enough to justify that.

The Practice Hike 

The views are unbelievable. Small packs and it still took five hours to complete approximately three and one-half miles.

Outpost Camp

Outpost Camp was a benchmark. After a rough day getting there, we decided to extend the trip and another day. I had some problems with altitude sickness. The weather was brutal: sleet then hail. Even though we didn’t make the summit, I can’t wait to go back and try again.

Trout Fishing

I talked about the fishing experience and the climb out of the ravine in a previous post. I can’t get any funnier than that.

The Climb Out

Time to Leave

Some Final Observations:

  • People on the west coast don’t litter as much as we Tennesseans. Occasionally, you will see a stray water bottle or something else laying on the ground but far less than we see here.
  • I met quite a few people while on the road. Everyone I met was nice. Some were helpful. Some were generous. I think people are generally good especially fellow travelers.

A Trip Map

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