Edgar Evins State Park – Silver Springs TN

I’m so far behind I may never catch up. I owe this blog some other recent trips but to keep from getting further behind, I’m posting a few comments and some photos from Edgar Evins State Park. 

This was a short trip to help a friend check out a travel trailer he has been working on for awhile. I helped a little from time to time but it is all his creation and he has done a great job of it.

We formed a caravan at Snoopy’s doghouse for the trip East on Wednesday, September 5th. 

The park is close to home; about 56 miles from the condo. This makes the park very accessible for a quick getaway.

The campground is unique. The terrain is sloping to Center Hill Lake and each of the campsites is a deck suspended above the slope. This makes for a great view.

We spent one day fishing the Caney Fork and I am sad to say that all the fish there are safe. No captives were taken. 

The other big event was meals. We agreed before we left that each of us would prepare one breakfast and one dinner each. The meals were outstanding: fish and steak were the two dinners and each was outstanding if I do say so myself. Breakfasts were traditional.

Edgar Evins because of its proximity, the great campsites and the opportunity to do other things, may become my getaway place of choice.

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  1. Richard Bryan says:

    When is your next big adventure?

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